AreoShell Aerobatic Team is IN for 2018!

Boy! This one has been hard to keep a ‘secret’

Chad Ezell and Anna Ezell Shortes had been working to confirm AreoShell since Chad talked to the crew at Oshkosh. Even though Chad is hard at work at Ezell Aviation and Ace (Anna) is spending time with Nelson Ezell in recovery and at the office, they got the FINAL approval today! You are reading that correctly! Not only will we proudly host Tora! Tora! Tora! in 2018 but you will also get to experience the AreoShell Aerobatic Team here in #breckenridgetexas!

From the AeroShell website:

“The AeroShell Aerobatic Team has been performing for over twenty-five years, amassing thousands of hours in front of airshow fans all over North America”

****Breckenridge, Texas: small, but MIGHTY!***

Rhonda Crawford
Airshow Coordinator

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