For 19 years Breckenridge, Texas ignited imaginations and created passions for blue skies and tailwinds. From 1977 until 1996, with the help of Howard Pardue, Eddie Holmes and many other Founding Fathers history was made here in a tiny town west of DFW. After a 20 year hiatus (21 years in 2017), the Breckenridge Airshow XX made it’s triumphant return. Operating with no budget big dreams and Ezell Aviation the the 2017 airshow brought in 68 Warbirds and over 8,500 people!

Resurrecting the Breckenridge Airshow required sponsorship from companies and private citizens, alike.  Everything from the sound system, performers, warbirds and even smoke oil required sponsors.

The Breckenridge Chamber of Commerce and Ezell Aviation believes bringing the airshow back in 2017 provided affordable family entertainment, a positive impact on the local economy and an inspiration to the next generation of aviators.